Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Grand Fireworks Display at the Geneva Festival 2013

Fireworks Geneva Festival © 2013 Michael LaPalme

The Grand Fireworks Display of the Geneva Festival - Saturday 10 August, 2013 10pm

Fireworks Geneva Festival © 2013 Michael LaPalme

I made my way down to the lake. The crowds were incredibly large. I should have secured a better spot several hours beforehand.  All of the roads around the lake were closed and were filled with tens of thousands of spectators who had come to view the festival's grand finale. Groups of people kept bumping into the legs of my camera tripod while the sensor was exposing.

Fireworks Geneva Festival © 2013 Michael LaPalme

I found a spot on the Pont de Bergues which spans the Rhone river and connects the Ile Rousseau with the mainland. Feeling a bit claustrophobic I decided to pack things up and find another location.  I walked over to the Square de Alps, a small park along the water and found a place to sit on the grass and shot these images from there.

 Fireworks Geneva Festival © 2013 Michael LaPalme

Proceedings were opened by the Portuguese company Grupo LUSO Pirotecnia de Almada with a journey through traditional and contemporary music characteristic of Portugal. The second half  was staged by the Pyrostars de Genève company on the theme “Conquests and Conquerors’’.


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