Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wengen to Männlichen in the Bernese Alps

A day trip from Geneva to the Swiss Alps

We boarded the train at the in Geneva bound for the Lauterbrunnen valley under the Junfrau region of Switzerland. Our train left the Garre Cornivan central train station around 8 am and it accelerated rapidly and glided across the Swiss countryside along the banks of Lac Léman. From here we could see snow capped mountain peaks in the far distance.

It took us 1 1/2 to get to Bern, another hour to Interlaken and another hour going up the mountain pass of Lauterbrunnen. We arrived in Wengen just after noon only to find the entire town closed due to it being a Sunday. It was strangely quiet but also quite peaceful exploring the car free town of Wengen. The sharp, high white mountains coupled with the low deep green valleys are an amazingly beautiful sight everyone should witness at least once before they die.

We strolled around the quiet, deserted town for an hour or so then took the Wengen to Männlichen aerial cable up to the nearest mountain peak.

The weather was perfect and the views as majestic as I remember. Fresh soft snow covered the mountain peaks as far as the eye could see.

 It was the first time my wife had seen snow so she was naturally very excited. She struggled walking in the snow due to her poor choice of winter shoes but made it to the top eventually none-the-less.

From the Männlichen peak we were rewarded with views across towards Grindelwald as well as the Lauterbrunnen valley.

We wanted to go all the way up to the glaciers at Jungfrau but due to the distance from Geneva and limited time we have saved it for the next occassion.

We left on the 5pm train and did the reverse trip back to Geneva arriving by 9pm. The next time we visit this region I will plan to spend a couple of weeks based in the Swiss mountain villages exploring the scenery by foot, train and cable car. I really enjoy travelling in this part of the world.

View Larger Map Wengen–Männlichen in Bernese Alps

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