Thursday, March 3, 2011

In memoriam of Tura Satana

In memoriam of Tura Satana
Pussy & The Learjets
xx Pussy & The Learjets xx

Your chance to catch their live show, before they go on their first tour outside of Thailand.

With a new song, "The Jet Cat Blues", new energy (purchased from a stranger in a dark soi) and a new venue: Chez Lodin; [not (as previously announced) nospace RCA].

xx The Klongriders xx

Will warm up for their album launch party, which is allegedly happening very soon.

xx Banyaguard xx

Will open the night around 21 h.

Chez Lodin

19 Prachathipatai Rd. (after Saphan Wanchaat)
Bangkok, Thailand

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