Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wai Khru Day at Wat Bang Phra 2011 (Tattoo Festival)

The annual Wai Khru (Pay Respect to Teacher) ceremony at Wat Bang Phra is held for the blessing and renewal of the power of the attendees’ tattoos.

Many of those who attend actually become possessed by the spirit of the animals they have personified on their bodies.

Wai Khru Day at Wat Bang Phra

Thousands of people come to pray and watch the morning's events.

The newly possessed rush the stage and are calmed by a team of body snatchers.

Wai Khru Day at Wat Bang Phra

Khong Khuen / Animal Spirit Possession

Spirituality and superstition run skin deep

Sak Yant tattoos are a derivative from Hindu, Brahman, Animist and Buddhist traditions.

Monks peer at the madness from within one of the inner temple walls.

Senior monks leading thousands in prayers

The temple grounds are quite difficult to explore due to the insanely large crowds.

Wai Khru Day at Wat Bang Phra

After the morning's activities and blessings everyone suddenly disperses.

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